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Blueberry Strain

Hell of a smoke for 2A. As expected had to roll a few more to get full effects. But that’s great to. Just means Smoke sessions with friends and family will last longer. It’s great to smoke day or night. Burns very well. Would like to try it in a higher strain for sure as it tasted well. Plus can’t go wrong with the price. Great budget price. Thanks Buy My Weed Online. 5star for price. 4star for quality.

Northbound / Trusted Customer
Gelato Strain

Everything about this strain is perfect; the trim job, the bud structure, the hairs, the crystals, density, humidity, etc. Smells sweet and a little gassy and tastes the same. 10/10 for sure

plleb93 / Trusted Customer
Bubba Kush strain

The buds may not be the prettiest shape but don’t let that fool you; Holy hell this one hits like a truck and is a little harsh in a bong. The smell is truly something else and hard to describe. Very strong body buzz instantly after inhalation, strong piney taste with a little extra to it, can’t quite put my finger on it though haha. Take it easy on this one…

Drizznit1211 / Trusted Customer
Bubba Kush strain

I had just finished off some 4A Ghost and really liked it so when this showed up on sale I grabbed a bunch. I got this and King Louis this batch and both are great. The 5A ghost bubba has nice buds white with crystals and plenty of orange hairs. It busts up into a nice blend of dark and light green and purple and honestly smells like frootloops to me.I found it smooth to smoke and a great buzz…same price on sale as 4a…can’t lose….as usual moisture packs and fast delivery thanks BMWO

Northbound / Trusted Customer
Grape Kush Strain

This has been one of the best grown strains ever!! The buds are right and solid!! So fresh and the taste is definitely grape with a light banana smell there too. When smoked in a joint I have to say the absolute smoothest and awesome clean ash!! The ash hung on for well over half the joint!! Great job growers!! The best for evenings winding down starts with a nice uporia and then mellows to a relaxing high ready for bed!! Excellent!!.

Armando A. / Trusted Customer
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The taste is good. Sweet and they have a good texture. dissolve under the tongue and they are active in about 15 mins for me. Flavours are candy flavours and they taste like candy too.

Can / Trusted Customer
herbivores edibles

These bad boys are the real deal. I took 1 and was off for about 4hours. Laugh my heart out while binge watching some Netflix cartoons… what a day.
Didn’t even needed to smoke… was to lazy To do it Anyway… LOL

Pacius Erika / Trusted Customer

Amazing product. Breaks up nice. Taste and smell very nice. This does the job just like a 5A would. One of the best burns. Could go in deep thought or convo and this would still be burning. After I’m done trying everything I can. This will be one I’ll buy bulk of for sure. Thanks again BMWO

Northbound / Trusted Customer
buy tko edibles

This cookie was very good it took 45 min to kick in for me it also doesn’t have a bad after taste either and the cookie is pretty big and thick very yummy 10/10

Apex IMNEF / Trusted Customer
Plug n Play DNA

Really liked this the flavour was pretty good and it tastes good I like it can’t wait to try some other flavors and the price is good for distillate

Purp The Miracle / Trusted Customer
sour diesel strain

Had all the elements of the goods but just fell a little short. It was amazing bud don’t get me wrong.. but i felt it deserved to be in the AAAA category instead. didn’t love it as much as the others in this category. least favorite of the 5A . that being said.. still good weed, just not at that price

ryansixstrings / Trusted Customer
Zen extracts budder

Insane! I took a moderate-sized dab of this and it knocked me straight on my ass.

You can immediately tell the quality of the product the minute you unwrap it. It has a nice citrusy smell to it and the consistency you’d expect.

The effects are definitely long lasting and start with a energetic feeling, closing out with feelings of deep relaxation

McMillan Sean / Trusted Customer
Granddaddy Purple Strain

This was my GF weed of choice. Grew this strain for a while myself but with results no where near this good. great smell and as others stated a bit harsh but the buzz is well worth the cough.

ryansixstrings / Trusted Customer

i find it really smooth and did i mention it gets a baked hahaha!!!…i’m never going back to anything other then this, and its so convenient to use the only thing i hate is that it has to be charged when i need it!! hahaha!!…Thanks BMWO.

Gillingha / Trusted Customer
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Super tasty ?!!! I love chocolate and especially if it’s made with THC. It’s a good portion for a good price, it takes 30 minutes before you can start feeling it.
Some people takes only couple of pieces at the time but considering it has 10 blocks I’ll suggest to do 5 and 5 at the time. Enjoy your chocolate ? and thanks BMWO!!!

Ascione / Trusted Customer
Order Zen extracts

This is my favourite strain of all time I’m so glad they made it as good as the flower if not better the high is the best around and taste is very flavourful highly recommended thanks again BMWO

Caman227 / Trusted Customer

I love the fruity taste and smooth smoke. These buds don’t put me down, so you’ll be disappointed if that’s your aim. Great for staying energetic, playing music, etc. Makes everything thc-special without any bringdown.

feelingbetter / Trusted Customer
Moroccan Hash, buy Moroccan Hash, order Moroccan Hash, buy hash online, hash for sale online

3rd time buying and still very happy with this hash! Nice consistent hash that is easy to handle and break up, always a nice steady buzz. Will always be on my list to pick up.

ArcadeKidd / Trusted Customer
herbivores edibles

As I am not a fan of gummies, so I was hesitant to try these bites. They are delicious and remind me of fruit jellies that my mother loved as a summer candy. I felt quite uplifted and relaxed, even with half a piece. I do recommend these, the taste is not bitter nor too sweet.

Corinne / Trusted Customer

3 small hits was more than enough. Might even be close to too much. Give it time as well. After the first hit your not really feeling anything, so you hit it a few more times. Next thing you know it all hits you at once. So even experienced users should use caution.

Wickedeffn / Trusted Customer

I love theses pods great high and lots of flavor big fan of this cart. I will definitely order again and recommend my friends. Thank you BMWO.

The Miracle / Trusted Customer

Tastes very good, if it didn’t have the stickers you probably couldn’t tell there is weed in it. Took a while to kick in but once it did I was on a cloud.

Pwb0710 / Trusted Customer
London pound cake cookies strain

Really enjoyed this bud, not only do the budz look quality but they have a soft earthy scent that produces a great smoke with a light fruity sweet taste followed by a relaxing buzz that kicks in quickly with this strain this AA is amazing especially for the price great work BMWO

DirtyMagic / Trusted Customer

Good service shipped was fast packaged arrived and everything was ok taste good , look good excellent weed definitely recommend it for sure BMWO you are the shit thank you a lot for the good service In hurry to buy from you again

ugo alarie / Trusted Customer